B3 Event Management & logo ~ Theme Events:
Tropical Set
Destin, FL
Hondorus Theme Set
Edison, NJ
 Cool & Sheik Manhattan Look
Columbus, OH
Tropical Set
moulin Rouge set
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Carnival Set with Tiger Entrance
Columbus, OH
Map Theme For a Corporate Event
Old Candle Lamps and Map Tablecloth
 Rock N' Roll Through the Ages
Atlanta, GA
Carnival theme
Map set
Rock & Roll
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Havana Set with Havana Arch Mural
African Safari Scenes
Cleveland, OH
Roaring Twenties Set & Mural
Reno, NV
Havanna set
African theme set
Roarin twenties
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Cruise Set with Tiki Huts

Jimmy Buffet Theme
Long  Beach , CA
Asian Themes
cruise theme props
Buffet theme
casablanca theme props
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Mardi Gras Theme Decor
Las Vegas Set with Props
Art Deco Scenes & Props
Mardi Gras theme
Las Vegas Set
art deco theme
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New York City Theme Props
Waldorf Astroria Tower Suites
Space Theme Lights & Props
Hyatt Regency
Medieval Retail Set
Columbus, OH
New York City Theme
space theme
Retail set
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We specialize in smaller convention pipe and drape murals [10'x 14'] in addition to our wide selection of theater drops [20'x 40'].
Variations staff of scenery artists and builders are available for custom orders. Variations is a national company with hundreds
of sets on hand along with ability to access most scene shops anywhere in the Country.  We pride ourselves on making sure our
props are safe and as perfectly painted as the day we create them. All of our props are treated with  approved fire resistant products.
Artists are currently working in our scene shops to create new murals and props, adding and updating Variations scenery and
prop collection. Whether the lead-time for your event is long or short, we offer many ideas from which you may choose.
Our collection includes a large list of murals and props so let us know what ideas or themes you are considering for your next
 corporate, convention, retail or social event.
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Please contact us at our office or send us e-mail envelope rhostrup@variations.net
including theme ideas you would like to explore. We will forward information to you along with themes, pictures and prop sizes.

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