B3 Event Management & logo~ Other City Offices:
Washington DC, Office Contact us at this address
Gold & Burgundy Mandap
Washington DC
Tyson Towers
McLean, VA
Patriotic Set
Gold  Mandap
lighted vases
Patriotic set
Click on a picture to see enlarged version plus additional pictures.
Ohio Office: Contact us at this address
Cleveland Renaissance Hotel 
Columbus, OH Color Change,
Glow Tables & Ceiling Sweeps
Baseball Theme
Cincinnati, OH
Mandap Cleveland
convention Decor
Baseball set
Click on a picture to see enlarged version plus additional pictures.
Pittsburgh Office: Contact us at this address
William Penn Jotel
Pittsburgh, PA
Fabric Mandap
Heinz Center
Rock & Roll Theme
Pittsburghi, PA
Mandap Pittsburgh
Hersey Center
Baseball set

Our national offices in Ohio, Washington DC and Pittsburgh. PA offer a wide range of creative new talents.
Call or email to find out how we can help your next event.
Contact us at our office or e-mail us at envelope rhostrup@variations.net for a full listing of sets with pictures.

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