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Tent Liners & Support Services
Tent Lighting  Lakeside Cleveland, OH
Tent Decor with Lanterns & Trees
tent liner
Tent light
fabric work
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Outdoor Tents & Support Services
Clear Tent With White Light Ceiling
Tent Decor Lattice Chandeliers
hanging florals
clear tent
fabric work
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undraiser Tents & Lighting
Clear Tent Lighting & Two Level Floor
Clear Tent Over Pool
fashion show
clear tent
pool tent
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Golf Course Wedding Structure

Wedding Decor ~ Tent, Lighting
& Tent Flooring
Outdoor Settings
Tent Decor and Wedding Decor
Golf Course Weddig
tent wedding decor, floor
Tent and wedding decor
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Specializing in outdoor tent affairs, Variations maintains a large list of support services for outdoor and tent events.
 They include tent decor and sweeps, chandeliers, custom tent lighting, power distribution and generators.
 We pride ourselves on our hidden lighting techniques for tents and blending hardware into your design.
 To complete your custom tent event we install wood tent floors and staging.

Contact us at our office or e-mail us at envelope rhostrup@variations.net for list with pictures.

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